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Who Else Hates Getting “Bitten” By A Mosquito?

15 Aug, 2017 / by admin

Who Else Hates Getting “Bitten” By A Mosquito?

Did you know there are 170 different types of mosquitos in just North America? This pest is in the same family as fruit flies because they are both winged.

Who else hates getting “bitten” by a mosquito? In fact we are not bit, but instead a female mosquito feeding on your blood, they also feast on plant nectar. This gives them the protein they need to reproduce. If you’re wondering how they track you down its off of carbon dioxide and body heat. For a single blood meal they will travel up to 14 miles.

Mosquitos live in soft soil and still water. Because of this it is important to change out stagnant water once a week. Such as children’s pools and birdbaths. There are other ways to protect your pets from mosquitoes and protect yourself from mosquito bites. You can use bug repellent or mosquito netting when camping. Learn more about How To Bug Proof Your Camp.

The reason everyone should be cautious because even though it is rare, it is possible to contract the Zika Virus – Mosquito Borne Disease.

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