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Keep Ticks Off Of You During The Summer

04 Aug, 2017 / by admin

Keep Ticks Off Of You During The Summer

No one wants to think about pest control during the summer. We’re all enjoying the warm weather and the sun shining bright. We want to see friends and enjoy a pest-free backyard barbecue. We look forward to relaxing on the porch and watching the sunset in the distance. We want to go to the beach and enjoy life. Unfortunately, we can’t do any of that if we don’t stop to consider the unwanted pests that summer brings along with it. Read more about 5 Common Pests Found in the South.

One of those unwanted pests is ticks. They just go around ticking everyone off, they do. Ticks are active in the winter and summer weather seems to bring ticks and unwanted pests out in waves. After all, they want to enjoy the sun and spend time with their friends too. That doesn’t change the fact that they are largely unwanted. The good news is, there are simple and effective ways you can prevent catching them this summer!

A good tool to have handy is a lint roller. You’re probably wondering why. Well, keeping a lint roller handy can help you to catch unwanted pests as they try to climb you. This goes for more than just ticks, including spiders and ants and any other little creepy crawler. As long as the lint roller is adhesive, you should see that you’re catching these unwanted insects.

To prevent ticks and insects that bite from thinking you’re a great meal, there are some essential oils you can have around the house. You might choose to massage some of these into your skin, making you less appealing to most pesky and unwanted pests.

If you’re looking up a variety of “how to avoid” for pest control this summer, one oil will be a constant: Lavender. Not only do ticks dislike the smell, but so do mosquitoes! This oil, even burning in an incense holder, can prevent unwanted pests from crowding you and your summer guests. It’s inexpensive, available at most grocery stores and it really does the trick. A second scent that is also on the mosquito list is lemon. Both mosquitoes and ticks dislike the smell of lemon. Here, you can add lemon peels to your decor to avoid unwanted pests. However, that might open you up for ants, so, stick to the oil. The bitter smell of lemon can detour many unwanted pests this summer. Again, readily available and inexpensive. You might already have lemon scented candles for the porch. You may already have lemon juice for those summer cocktails! Also, any citronella oil is helpful to keep away the bugs and unwanted pests, for the same reason. The scent is bitter and no insect is a fan of it.

All of these are good things to keep around this summer.

Remember: The best type of pest control is preventative!

Of course, there’s no way to completely avoid all the unwanted pests and insects that summer brings. Ticks or otherwise. So, you may find yourself noticing a bug problem. If that does happen to you, it’s time to call your Spartanburg exterminator, Douglas Pest Control.

Don’t wait, or try to take care of the problem yourself. Call a professional Spartanburg exterminator, Gotta Bug Call Doug at (864) 582-3684 to get the problem solved. You don’t want the bugs and unwanted pests around any longer than they already are.

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