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5 Common Pests Found In The South

21 Jul, 2017 / by admin

5 Common Pests Found In The South

Everyone looks forward to the summer months. Relaxing on the beach. Camping in the woods. Backyard barbeques with friends and family (tips to enjoy a pest-free backyard bbq). Yes, summer is to most people a beacon of relaxation and making memories. Then, the insects come along and ruin everything. The good news is, with a few preventative measures, you can enjoy a insect-free summer and keep them away!

Let’s take a look at the worst bugs in the Southern area and how to avoid them.


Oh, we’ve all had our run in with these flying insects. They seem never ending and always pop up when our backs are turned. They seem fairly innocent, aside from being annoying and leaving itchy and rashy lumps wherever they bite. The fact is, mosquitoes carry with them a variety of diseases including the Zika Virus. That makes them more dangerous than they look. In some cases, even deadly. So, it’s important to know what they don’t like and what will keep them off of you this summer. Read more about Protecting Yourself From Mosquito Bites and Protecting Your Pets From Mosquitoes. Bug spray is generally the go-to for mosquitoes, but it doesn’t always work. Interestingly enough, did you mosquitoes don’t like Vanilla or Lavender scents? Burning some candles in open air is a great way to send them packing. They also aren’t fond of citrus fruits, like oranges and lemons. A nice citrus candle or the incense can also do the trick. You should also keep in mind that mosquitoes are drawn to bodies of water, big or small. Something like a bird bath can be enough water to send them swarming. So keep the water out, and do your best to keep the air filled with those scents.


Another seemingly harmless insect is the ant family. Sure, they’re unwanted pests. But, are they really all that harmful? If you’re thinking of the little black ones, they probably won’t do more than ruin any food you have out. But, when you start thinking about carpenter ants, they can completely ruin the foundation of your home, deck and everything else made of wood. Then, consider the red ants that bite and cause serious irritation. Now, you’re seeing the damage of having ants around. Now, there’s no special smell that ants hate, but they certainly don’t care for clean environments. After all, they’re looking for food, mostly. So, if you keep the areas around your home and camp very clean, you should be able to limit how many you’ll see. Ants at camp aren’t really going to do much damage as long as you’re looking for them and learning how to bug proof your camp. Tents aren’t wood, after all. But be careful not to bring any insects back with you! Shake off everything before bringing it into your house. If you happen to forget, you may find yourself with a serious pest problem. Then, you’ll need to call in the exterminator to come get rid of them.


Just hearing the word termite is enough to have your full attention, I know. Termites are such a pain and can be a homeowners worst enemy! Such small critters and yet, they can do worlds of damage. Purchasing a home? A termite inspection is a must! It’s really crazy to think about, yet, a reality we all have to face. The fact is, many people don’t properly identify termites, so infestations are easy. They sort of look like ants, only they’ll have wings. Spring and summer is the mating season, so you’ll commonly see them around. If you notice these things around your home, it’s time to call in your Spartanburg exterminator and pest control. Otherwise, it will get out of hand. It’s estimated that over $5 billion dollars in damage is caused to homes in America by termites alone. You don’t want to be a part of that cost, so do what you can to identify the insects and shut them down!


This is a tricky one, because it really requires paying attention. Often, our furry friends scratch themselves for seemingly no reason. But, you’ve got to notice when it becomes particularly bad. Check them every day when you bring them indoors (cats and dogs) for any bugs. Fleas are often small and hard to see. They go for the warm spots, like ears. Your pet will probably put up a fight, but, it’s the price you’ll have to pay. Or, you can buy all your animals a flea treatment. These are often inexpensive. Applied at the beginning of the season, they can last three months. This ensures adequate pest control and keeps your furry companions happy and healthy. As annoying as fleas are, they can also carry disease and make your pets very ill. No one wants to go through that!


Now, we’re talking about the big boys: Bees, wasps and hornets. These are pesky and painful. Many are even allergic to the sting, which can be fatal. That being said, bees are in critical condition too! If you notice a few bees around your property, leave them alone and they will do the same. Bees rarely sting unless they feel threatened. Wasps are a whole other story. Wasps nests need to be destroyed as soon as they are identified. If you notice quite a few wasps on your property, call Douglas Pest Control, your Spartanburg exterminator. Get them gone and quick!

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