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Ticks are Active in the Winter

07 Dec, 2015 / by admin

TickBeing outdoors and enjoying nature is a wonderful thing, but some not so wonderful creatures can hitchhike back inside.   Ticks can jump onto our clothing or one of our furry friends while going inside after playing.

Ticks are very hard to spot, an adult tick may be 1 cm long after full of blood and smaller than a sunflower seed.  Often found in wooded areas ticks feed on any available source of blood.  This often results in them feasting off of livestock, dogs, cats, and even humans.

Signs of a tick are either seeing it or seeing the results from a disease it carried. Ticks will commonly nest in past rodent’s or bird’s homes so make sure to discard these.  Ticks will also lay in crevices or gaps.  Keeping your grass short and tight may discourage the ticks from calling that there home.

If you spot a tick on yourself or a loved one grab it by its head with a teaser carefully pulling it away from the hosts skin.  Squeezing it may result in it releasing fluid; in this case seek medical attention.

If you have a tick or other infestation do not hesitate and call Gotta Bug Call Doug at 864-582-3684 to keep your house pest free.