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Are cockroaches using your pipes and plumbing as a personal highway?

16 Nov, 2015 / by admin

Are cockroaches using your pipes and plumbing as a personal highway?

We all recognize the light brown pest that scrambles when we flip the lights on. That’s right, it’s the cockroach.

Adult cockroaches are easily distinguished by their light brown or tan color with two black stripes. Nymphs are darker and almost black still carrying the black stripes that start behind their head.  This pest can be found in areas warm and that have heavy moisture. They are commonly brought into a house by cardboard boxes and bags.

Living in a multiunit complex can put you at risk with the German cockroach being able to use pipes and pluming as a personal highway. Females can reproduce very quickly and do not always require a mate. One female German cockroach can lay 2-6 egg cases per day each egg case will carry approximately 30 to 40 eggs. With the high reproduction rate it is very easy for a heavy infestation to occur. You may be able to spot their small black droppings, the eggshells from after they are born, or in large groups you might be able to smell a mild musty scent.

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