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Was that a Silverfish?

12 Nov, 2015 / by admin


Have you ever been in your house and seen a silver bug moving swiftly across your floor?   That was a silverfish!

Silverfish can survive in all climates but thrive in dark and damp places such as your bathroom, basement, attic, or even your kitchen. Their predators are spiders and centipedes. Silverfish feed on sugar and glucose eating everything from dead insects and shampoo to the glue in the binding of books.

Silverfish can quickly cause an infestation because of their speed and ability to stay in areas not commonly looked, they can lay 20 eggs a day. Nymphs develop fastest in high humidity so controlling the humidity in your home can help prevent silverfish.

If you already have an infestation or would like to prevent these visitors from entering your home, call Gotta Bug Call Doug for a personalized treatment strategy. To affectively eliminate these pests you need to stop the adults and their offspring in their tracks.