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How Many Legs Does A Centipede Have?

14 Dec, 2015 / by admin

How Many Legs Does A Centipede Have?


Everyone has had the experience of screaming at the unpleasant sight of the bug with 100 legs running past you. That bug is call a centipede and its name may be misleading. Centipede means 100 legs but an actual centipede may have anywhere from 15 to 177 pairs of legs!

These long flat creatures range in colors depending on the species. The most common colors are brown and reddish orange. They can also range in size from 4 mm to 152 mm.

The centipede has two long antennas at the end of their head along with a claw like structure that contains venom. The venom is used at night when they hunt for small vertebra and spiders. The venom will paralyze their prey.

In the winter adult centipedes will hide in moist and dark areas. In the spring is when they will lay their eggs. Typically hiding in closets, bathrooms, or basements not scurrying around in the daytime can usually allow the centipede to live anywhere from one year to six years.

The centipede is a polite visitor and leaves no signs of their infestation without seeing one for yourself. The moment you see a centipede don’t wait, call Gotta Bug Call Doug for your plan of action.