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Storing Your Holiday Decorations Safely

29 Dec, 2015 / by admin

Storing Your Holiday Decorations Safely

Now that the holiday season is coming to an end it’s time to pack away all your decorations. This can be especially tricky to keep mice and insects out of your favorite family ornaments and even harder to keep spiders out of an artificial tree.

The most effective way to store ornaments is to inspect them as they come off the tree for any signs of pests. After the tree has been inspected for pests, wrap the ornaments in paper and place in a storage container while not in use.

  • You can also place your ornaments in an old egg or apple carton before placing in a storage bin suggested by Anna Mosley of Ask Anna. ¬†The carton will keep ornaments from hitting and rubbing against each other.
  • While storing ornaments and other holiday decorations put the most commonly used and the first ones you put up in one box and label it the Unpack First box suggests blogger Real Simple.


If you have an artificial tree be on the look out because spiders love to get inside of the branches. Mice can chew through the original cardboard box effortlessly, the safest way to store your tree is in an artificial tree storage bag.

  • Packing away your artificial Christmas tree can be tough. Blogger Grunge Zombie recommends using old belts to tie down loose branches.


Now that all the decorations are properly packaged its just as important to watch where you keep them.  Garages, attics, and basements are common secure places as long as you keep an eye out for pests.

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*Photo credit to GrungeZombie.net

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