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April Home Checklist

17 Apr, 2018 / by admin

April Home Checklist

Say no to Mosquitos: With summer just around the corner the warmer weather is bringing the mosquitos with it. This year take preventative measures by checking your property for standing water. This can become a breeding ground for mosquitos.

Inspect your Driveway: The winter can be rough on your driveway. Take this time to plan any repairs that will be needed.

Spring Cleaning: Nothing feels better than a nice clean house. The small details make a huge difference. Take out your trash and recycling bins to be rinsed down and left to dry.

Safety First: While cleaning around the house take a moment to test the batteries on your smoke detector. This is an easy task that can save your family from danger.

Make Some Room: If your house is filling up with items that you don’t love as much anymore take the time to sell or donate them! This can help create more space for the items you love.

Beat The Heat: Before the heat is cranked all the way up schedule a cooling system maintenance to make sure everything is in order before summer is in full swing.

Front Porch: The summer is a great time to enjoy your front patio. So take the time to clean it up a little. Cleaning the floors and furniture will make it ready to sit and enjoy the sunsets.

Keep the Grass Green: Don’t let the first sign of sprinkler malfunction be the grass dying. Take the time and make sure all sprinklers and irrigation systems are up and running.

Clean Windows: Nothing beats saying hello to the rising sun through clean washed windows.

Screen Doors and Windows: Since weather is warming up its amazing to open up the windows and let some fresh air in. Before you do this make sure you examine the screens to ensure no bugs can sneak in.

Make some Space: Cleaning out the garage can be a daunting task, however oh so rewarding. Clear out the junk and make more space.

Wash Siding: A simple garden hose can be used to wash the siding of your home and make it clean for spring.

Clean the Gutters: Without cleaning your gutters spring rain can pool up on your roof and cause possible damage.

Add Some Décor: Springtime is a great time to add small updates around the house. Consider adding colorful address numbers and a fun garden flag to your home.

Maintain your Fences: Your wood fences are beautiful but they do go through a lot during the year. Take the springtime to repair and reseal them, keeping them in tip top shape.

Look Out for Termites: Be on the lookout for termites, protect your home and learn 4 Things You Need To Know About Termites.

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