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The Best Way To Store and Protect Your Clothes From Unwanted Pests

04 Nov, 2016 / by admin

The Best Way To Store and Protect Your Clothes From Unwanted Pests

Many of us have clothes that are specific for seasons. You’ve likely got a handful of sweaters for you and your family that only come out in the winter. Then you pack them back up and put them away for the warmer months. There are summer clothes that you pack up for the winter. Unless you have a walk in closet, you’re probably storing off-season clothing. It saves space, but it can also attract unwanted pests.

Pest control is a big issue, especially when it comes to anything that is stored away for an entire season. When you’re not consistently looking at your boxes, there’s bound to be a few bugs that get into them. Even if you’re sure that bugs and other unwanted pests can’t get into your boxes, it’s better to be safe. You don’t want to have to spend a large amount of money to replace an entire wardrobe, just because a bug or two thought your sweaters were a meal.

Now, how can you store and protect your clothing all year round? The answer is trade your boxes for buckets.

These plastic, air-tight storage options are superior. No bugs, insects or unwanted pests can get through the seal. Mice and other rodents usually won’t chew through the plastic. Plus, you have the added bonus of weather protection. That air-tight seal can save your belongings from rain damage!

Before you start throwing all your belongings into buckets, check everything carefully. Wash all of your clothing before you pack it away. This will prevent food remnants from remaining on the fabrics. Even if you can’t see or smell food crumbs, those unwanted pests definitely can. So it’s best to make sure everything is clean and clear before you’re packing it up and storing it from insects, bugs and unwanted pests.

Now, using these plastic buckets is a great advancement in storage. If you want maximum security, use the transparent ones. This will allow you to see inside the bucket, without opening it or breaking the seal. After all, every time you open a box or bucket, you’re risking letting unwanted pests in. Since your desire is to keep out unwanted pests, it’s best to avoid opening your buckets. This means the transparent buckets are the best idea. There’s no added cost between transparent and solid, either. If you have the transparent buckets, it also means that you don’t have to look through every box/bucket to find something you might be looking for. It’ll be easy to see what is inside each container.

You can see that there are many benefits to switching to plastic containers. Another benefit is that they are much longer lasting. Yes, initially there is a higher cost. You can find boxes at any department store for free. But, the containers cost you a little bit of money. At the same time, it’s worth it. You will have many conveniences from switching to plastic buckets. From pest control to the contents of the bucket to protection from the weather. The switch will give you peace of mind for your belongings and keeping them safe from insects, bugs and unwanted pests.

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