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How Do Insects Survive During The Winter?

23 Feb, 2017 / by admin

How Do Insects Survive During The Winter?

Many of us would like to think that winter means we’re pest-free. Unfortunately, unwanted pests can come about even during the winter months, even if it’s less common that their appearance during the rest of the year.

Most species of insects and unwanted pests are extremely adaptive to their surroundings, meaning they are designed to survive. You might think of the way a human survives winter by bundling up. Essentially insects, rodents and unwanted pests do the same thing. In many species, there is production of fluids that prevent the insects from freezing. Although that sounds counter-productive, because liquids do freeze. But it’s a type of liquid rooted in something similar to alcohol, so it actually doesn’t. It also protects said insects and unwanted pests from developing frost or ice that might damage them. But, let’s steer away from a too-scientific explanation. The moral is: Insects and unwanted pests are built to survive. On the brighter side, many species of insects are largely inactive during the winter months, as they enter something similar to hibernation that is referred to as diapause. Essentially, it means that insects and unwanted pests are on pause, like a television show.

You may be wondering how unwanted pests and rodents don’t starve to death, if they are rooted and unmoving. When the insects enter diapause, they experience a drop in their metabolic rate, meaning their body absorbs significantly less body fat. Insects and unwanted pests can survive off the food that is still in their body at the time of reaching diapause. This actually kicks in when the sun becomes less, so mid-way through the autumn season in the more recent years.

So how are they still a concern to you? While most insects do enter diapause, there is the possibility of present infestations lingering on. Indoor insects and unwanted pests may not follow the same hibernation patterns as the insects outdoors. If you have a problem with flies or some other unwanted pests, you may still experience it even as the months get colder. After all, your heating will likely be active, keeping you nice and toasty. But while you’re nice and toasty, so are the insects and unwanted pests that might find their way into your home.

The survival of insects, even during winter, might seem unnecessary. But, we’ve got to try and remember that while insects are unwanted pests to us, they serve a purpose in the world. Each and every one of them has a reason to be in the ecosystem. The best we can personally aim for is eliminating them from our homes and maybe the gardens we strive to keep healthy by contacting your Spartanburg exterminator, Gotta Bug Call Doug.

The best way to prevent unwanted pests is to safe-guard your home for the winter months by contacting Douglas Pest Control, your Spartanburg exterminator. Check the insulation around doors and windows, make sure there is no point of entry. Ensure that your floors are all clean, to prevent food from laying around, possibly attracting them inside. Check inside places you might use for storage, like closets or the basement. You want all your clothes in storage to remain pest-free, so occasionally checking is a good plan too. A great plan is to put all your kitchen pantry items inside of plastic containers with snap-on lids. This prevents any unwanted pests from getting inside. Finally, keep your eyes open. If you think you saw something, investigate. Look for evidence of a possible insect or unwanted pests infestation.

Pest control starts with you. If the insects can survive winter, they can survive moderate cleaning activities. To learn more about your Spartanburg exterminator and pest control, contact Gotta Bug Call Doug at 864-582-3684 for an individualized treatment plan.

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