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Don’t Be Caught With The Kissing Bug!

08 Feb, 2016 / by admin

Don’t Be Caught With The Kissing Bug!

The Kissing Bug is a insect that you don’t want to be caught with on Valentine’s Day. The triatomine bug, aka Kissing Bug carries a parasite that causes Chagas disease.

The Kissing Bug is known to live outdoors and can be found in a variety of places including;

  • Under porches
  • Under cement
  • In outdoor dog houses
  • In brush piles
  • In rodent nests


They are typically found in the southern United States and have been recently confirmed in South Carolina and Georgia as reported by News 12 On Your Side. They are commonly confused with other beetles and should exercise caution when you discover them.

If you find one around your home do not smash the Kissing Bug since it can potentially expose you to the Chagas disease. Instead, contact Gotta Bug Call Doug  at (864) 582-3684 to discuss the best course of action and treatment at your home or business.

More information on the Kissing Bug can be found:

By visiting CDC or Kissing Bug in Georgia and South Carolina – News 12 On Your Side.