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Bugs In Your Christmas Tree?

12 Dec, 2017 / by admin

Bugs In Your Christmas Tree?

The holiday season is here and along comes all the smells of Christmas. The fresh smell of pine that artificial tree’s cannot quite seem to replicate. Some things you cannot experience without a real tree is the unique shapes of the trees, the crispness of the branches, and the bugs.

We often don’t associate bugs with Christmas but bringing in a real tree brings in pesky bugs as well. CBS This Morning reports a single Christmas tree can be housing up to 25,000 bugs. Before you run to grab a tree learn more about what types of bugs can be hiding in your evergreen and how to keep a real tree without a real problem. Read more about Protecting Your Christmas Tree & Home From Unwanted Pests.

Christmas Tree Bugs
  • Adelgids – harmless bugs that consume the sap from trees
  • Aphids – another type of sap-sucking insect
  • Bark Beetles – even though the holes they bore in the trees create a great home, the wood inside your home is too dry for these beetles
  • Mites – not a threat to people or pets, these parasites prey on other insects
  • Praying Mantids – these long-legged bugs will not harm you
  • Psocids – existing on a diet of fungus, mold, pollen and dead insects, these critters will die quickly in an indoor environment
  • Scale Insects – yet another small bug that enjoys tree sap
  • Spiders – the types of arachnids that live in pine trees prefer insects to humans


Examine the Tree

Choosing the perfect tree has a lot of factors including the height, weight, and now bug inspection. Before choosing your tree check the lower branches for red or brown dots that indicate insects. Keep an eye out for spider webs and holes made from beetles. Also inspect the entire tree for birds’ nests, eggs and live insects.

Before You Bring it Home

Most Christmas tree retailers use a mechanical shaker to remove unwanted pests. Still make sure take precautions yourself. Shake the tree vigorously removing any last insects and loose needles. If you are still nervous about bugs crawling into the house leave the tree in the garage allowing the critters to crawl out on their own. However everyone gets excited to start decorating so if waiting a few days is too long consider some safe pesticides. Either dusting the tree with diatomaceous earth, which naturally occurs from sedimentary rocks or spray the tree with neem oil, a natural pesticide.

If you do notice unwanted pests and insects, call your Spartanburg exterminator, Gotta Bug Call Doug at 864-582-DOUG to eliminate unwanted pests (ants, rodents, mosquitos and termites) and for your personalized treatment plan.

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