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What Insect Can Turn Its Head?

23 May, 2016 / by admin

Praying Mantis

There is only one insect that can turn its head – the praying mantis. House flies can tilt their head slightly, but not to the degree of the mantis. The flexibility is known to help with their hunting.

The praying mantis name comes from its forelegs folded up, as if praying. They are masters of camouflage which allows them to hide from predators and stalk their prey and often mistaken for giant stick insects. The praying mantis has excellent eyesight and can see up to about 50 feet away.

Even though praying mantis are a friendlier insect, you probably don’t want to see them and other pests (ants, spiders, cockroaches, termites) in and around your home. Contact Gotta Bug Call Doug at 864-582-3684 for protection against unwanted pests.

Image courtesy of Rainforest Alliance

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